Check out the most frequently asked questions about translations. If you have other questions, please contact Cia das Traduções.
1What is a standard page (”lauda”)?
It is a unit of measurement used in written translations to reckon the size and the price of a translation/back translation service.
2Can I send a document for sworn translation via email or fax?

Yes, but it will be indicated in the document that it is a copy sent via email or fax.

In cases of official certificates, affidavits, birth certificates and legal documents such as contracts, which are signed, cannot be sent via email and therefore no valid for official purposes. In these cases, we will accept the document via e-mail or fax only for translation or version in order to expedite the process.

At Cia das traduções, any notarized document carried the stamp and signature of the sworn translator. This professional is a public translator certified and empowered by the State Board of Trade to perform sworn translations.

3What is the delivery time of a translation service?

Delivery time depends on the type and volume of the document, as well as the language to be translated.

For a volume of up to 10,000 words, the delivery time is usually 2 to 3 working days.

It is worth noting that Cia das traduções does not charge any emergency fees to perform standard translations under certain circumstances.

4What is the difference between a translation and “back translation”?

Translation consists of converting a text or document that is in a foreign language to our native language, i.e., Brazilian Portuguese. For instance: English to Portuguese.

“Back translation” is translating our native language, Brazilian Portuguese, to any other foreign language. For instance: Portuguese to English.